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    Painting systems

    AFOTEK designs, develops and delivers turnkey, fully automated systems for the surface technology sector. These include wet painting systems, plastic painting systems and spray stands for wet deposition and dry deposition, which are used in numerous industries. The painting systems are used, among other things, in production of agricultural machinery, construction machinery, engines, castings, wheels, axles, interior and exterior components as well as components for medical systems.

    Each system is individually tailored to the needs of the customer and ranges from small systems with a manual slide track and manual painting booth to fully automated coating lines including robot technology, conveyor technology and intelligent system control with connection to ERP and MES systems.

    Most of the components for our painting systems are manufactured by AFOTEK in our own factory. This includes aggregates, cabin housings, evaporation zones and dryers as well as pretreatment systems.

    When designing the system, the focus is on its energy efficiency. AFOTEK offers energy recovery concepts using heat pumps or heat wheels. Individual concepts for using the exhaust air are also being developed. Performance-based regulation and control of system components saves energy and protects the resources of our environment.

    Advantages of painting systems

    • When designing the system, the focus is on its energy efficiency.

    • Intelligent system control (Siemens S7 and TIA Portal) with connection to ERP and MES systems possible.

    • Most of the components for our painting systems are manufactured by AFOTEK in our own factory.

    • Delivery of prefabricated modules significantly shortens assembly times.

    Wet painting systems

    In most cases, wet painting systems are used because they are flexible and work cost-efficiently. The design of the systems is determined by the customer based on specifications regarding the desired quality and the paint system. Whether solvent-based paints or water-based paints are used in spray booths with wet and dry separation, the combination with measures for heat recovery and cleaning of the exhaust air ensures energy-savings and therefore cost-efficient operation.

    Plastic painting systems

    For over three decades now, AFOTEK has been a market leader in plastic painting systems using solvent-based or water-based paints. Our delivery spectrum includes the complete range of system technology – starting with the plastic painting system and robot and application technology to fire extinguishing systems and approval support. AFOTEK systems are used for coating both exterior and interior plastic parts and are designed individually according to customer requirements.

    Metal painting systems

    Metal painting systems are used in particular for wheels, axles and a variety of welded constructions. AFOTEK offers complete system technology with wet or dry separation, with manual or automatic paint application and develops a customer-specific concept that ranges from individual spray booths to fully automated and intelligent Industry 4.0 system technology.

    Spray booths

    Individual spray booths with dry or wet separation also form part of AFOTEK's product portfolio for surface technology and are individually configured to meet the needs of customers.

    To remove unwanted paint sludge, AFOTEK offers a special extraction system for water circulation systems – the RODAP paint sludge discharge system. This system is sold exclusively through Hebro Chemie and is installed in your system by us after purchase. More details about this are available in the Downloads section.



    Automation and digital solutions

    Ultra-modern and intelligent system solutions ensure that painting system operators can work profitably. In addition to transparent processes and digital documentation, robotic painting systems and handling robots ensure cutting-edge system technology in accordance with the Industry 4.0 standard. Interfaces to upstream and downstream ERP and/or MES systems round off the innovative control concept.

    Real-time simulation in 3D/material flow
    Automation technology
    (MES, ERP solutions etc.)

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