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    AFOTEK Shuttle Conveyor System (ASF)
    Conveyor technology at the highest level

    The AFOTEK Shuttle Conveyor System (ASF) is an innovative transport system with maximum flexibility. It features a modular structure, so can be expanded as required and individually adapted to your needs. In addition, the conveyor system stands out from conventional solutions thanks to its extremely flexible drive concept. With the AFOTEK Shuttle Conveyor System (ASF), the transport of product carriers is not dependent on a chain; instead, each product carrier can be controlled separately and individually – a new dimension in product carrier logistics.

    Advantages of the AFOTEK Shuttle Conveyor System

    • Quick and easy installation of the system

    • Variable and reversible in terms of speeds, directions of movement and stops

    • Any retrieval options through buffers (e.g. sorting function or use as a “dead station”)

    • Individual control and regulation of product carriers

    • Flexible process speeds within one system

    • Space-saving structure – can also be implemented on several levels

    • Expandable conveyor system

    Individual and flexible shuttle conveyor technology

    With conventional conveyor technology solutions, all of the goods are transported using a conveyor chain, which means that all components move through the system at the same conveyor speed. All workpieces go through the pretreatment, painting and drying process with identical cycle times.

    With the AFOTEK Shuttle Conveyor System (ASF), however, each transport unit has its own drive unit with individual control. This means that each product carrier can be flexibly controlled as required. On the one hand, this enables variable process speeds within the system, and on the other hand, reverse travel can also be implemented within a process.

    The flexible drive concept allows you to drive through coating booths at low speeds and to pick up speed and speed on open transport routes. With AFOTEK’s conveyor technology, processing cycle times can be designed independently, which leads to significantly higher efficiency, lower process costs and faster throughput times.

    The individual shuttles can bridge up to 250 mm without transport rails, which means that the conveyor rail, e.g. in fire gates or other fire compartments, can be interrupted without restricting transport.

    Conveyor technology with a modular structure: flexibility with a system

    The flexibility of the AFOTEK Shuttle Conveyor System (ASF) is based on a fully modular rail system that can be used to implement a wide variety of system layouts.

    The heart of the ASF are the transport rails made of anodized aluminium profiles with internal rollers. Transport shuttles are used to carry products and run on the rails with little lubrication and little maintenance. Depending on the size of the part, the transport shuttles are custom-made, one to eight metres in length as desired.

    The flexibility of the conveyor system goes so far that transport rails can be arranged parallel in some areas of the system, for example in transverse displacement magazines, buffers or ovens. This makes it possible to move a large number of product carriers at the same time in a very small space. Cross-transport is also possible in this constellation and ensures a closed transport cycle within the system.

    Thanks to the highly flexible, modular structure, layouts of almost any size can be constructed. AFOTEK's conveyor technology adapts perfectly to available spatial constraints and customer production processes. In confined spaces, compact solutions that extend over several floors are also possible.

    The AFOTEK Shuttle Conveyor System can be expanded and modified cost-effectively at any time, as the desired modules, e.g. buffers or transverse displacement magazines, can be easily integrated into the existing system. Overtaking routes can also be retrofitted without much effort.



    Automation and digital solutions

    Ultra-modern and intelligent system solutions ensure that painting system operators can work profitably. In addition to transparent processes and digital documentation, robotic painting systems and handling robots ensure cutting-edge system technology in accordance with the Industry 4.0 standard. Interfaces to upstream and downstream ERP and/or MES systems round off the innovative control concept.

    Real-time simulation in 3D/material flow
    Automation technology
    (MES, ERP solutions etc.)

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