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Optimum efficiency through sustainable planning

The initial selection of the appropriate facility components for the respective application scenario is often difficult for the facility operator because of the variety of options.

As part of the planning process, our experts will first carry out a needs assessment to find out all your requirements. Various layout designs will then serve as the basis for planning with regard to developing a concept.

Please contact us; we are glad to advise you – also at your location and, of course, free of charge. After the type of facility has been determined, the required throughput and the local space availability etc. are known, we will develop a layout custom-tailored your situation and present a proposal to you. Using the latest software and hardware and based on many years of experience with surface technology, our engineers and technicians are able to meet your challenges, both economically and ecologically. A timely production start and economic facility operation includes solutions for interface problems, negotiations with paint and chemistry suppliers as well as the development of milestone plans and media demand analyses.

Depending on the scope of the planning contract, real-time simulations can support the targeted planning of throughput and output as well as the early detection of weak points and optimisation potential. 

The goal is always to design a system in which all variables are perfectly matched, so that you achieve an optimal yield situation.
ZSB Layout Pulverbeschichtungsanlage Bild 5To meet changing demands 

Surface engineering companies need to constantly adapt to market conditions, new product lines and legislative changes. The trend towards ongoing automation is also giving rise to new challenges. When it comes to optimally adapting your plants to new conditions, retrofits and/ or plant expansions are often an attractive alternative to building an all-new plant. And so, through targeted mechanical and/or electrical conversions and/or extensions, throughput, product quality and the cost situation can be optimised for the long term.
Convenient retrieval as when required

We will set up a consignment warehouse on-site for you to manage independently. You can take out material when required; the wares remain the property of AFOTEK until you take them out. All you need to do is simply report the removal via e-mail, after which you will receive an invoice for the replacement or wearing part that you took out.

Take advantage of our supply reliability offer for your AFOTEK system and benefit from low processing costs.
Ersatzteile1The right part at hand at all times

When your system is delivered, you will also receive a detailed replacement and wearing parts list, including a recommendation regarding storage. Targeted storage ensures the productivity and availability of your AFOTEK system.

It goes without saying that we will also supply your system made by a different manufacturer with original parts from our standard range.

Your Contact:
Inspektion copyHigher availability through plant maintenance

We design maintenance plans for you that are individually tailored to the needs of your AFOTEK system. Regular system maintenance increases plant availability.

We record all maintenances and inspections for you in a detailed log.

SchulungCustomer training and assistance with start-up and production

Qualifications increase quality

Education and training that is both user-orientated and practice-orientated helps ensure your operators are optimally equipped to oversee your AFOTEK system.

On the one hand, knowledge of processes and the system helps to maximise plant utilisation, while at the same time early detection of error sources ensures less downtime. System malfunctions and quality problems can be minimised by well-trained personnel.
Fast troubleshooting thanks to expert assistance
Our service team is on hand Monday to Friday between 08:00 a.m. and 04:00 p.m. to answer any questions you may have regarding replacement parts and wear-and-tear provision.


When diagnosing your AFOTEK systems, our automation engineers and technicians will also support you via the remote access service.

The planning was focused on the development of a conceptual special solution for an energy-efficient system, adapted to the requests and needs of the customer.

The video shows the construction in fast motion.

Throughout Europe, major brands and renowned companies rely on the quality and experience of AFOTEK.
In addition to the automotive sector, numerous customers from the general processing industry rely on AFOTEK's more than 25 years of expertise.
Here you will find an excerpt of our references, broken down by type of plant and industry.

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Continuous spraying systems are typically used in wet chemical processes for medium and high throughputs. During the wet chemical pretreatment, metal surfaces are cleaned under the influence of chemicals and heat. Water serves as a carrier material. Pretreatment and cleaning are carried out regularly in several synchronized process steps. Between these process steps are rinsing processes.
The process structure itself depends on the workpiece shape and size, part throughput and the material to be processed. As part of the plant project planning, AFOTEK develops in cooperation with the chemical supplier a pretreatment concept for parts cleaning which is tailored to the needs of the end customer 
Parts can be transported by conventional conveyor systems as well as the AFOTEK Shuttle Conveyor System (ASF).
Continuous spraying systems are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and investment-friendly.


Chamber spraying systems are mostly used within the metal industry. Adjustable nozzles spray a liquid cleaning medium onto the workpieces, which are supposed to be cleaned. Contaminations are thus dissolved and flushed from the workpiece by the energy of the spray nozzles.

In chamber spraying systems, several treatment steps are carried out in one chamber. The workpieces move into one or more chambers, depending on the required throughput and the required treatment steps.
As part of the project planning, AFOTEK equips the spraying system to ensure that the workpieces are optimally flooded from all sides. This includes an offset nozzle system. The workpieces pass through the chamber spraying system hanging on a conveyor, occasionally also laying loosely on a conveyor belt.
Compared to immersion pretreatment systems, significantly shorter treatment times at lower bath temperatures can be achieved due to the additional mechanical effect of the spraying process. In addition, the space requirement is smaller compared to immersion pretreatment plants and the process control is simpler.


Workpieces, which have surfaces that are difficult to access, are advantageously treated in immersion cleaning systems. They ensure that not only the external surfaces are treated but also all cavities. This type of pretreatment is particularly recommended for complex geometries where a spray system cannot reach the entire surface.

AFOTEK plans and projects the entire system based on customer-specific products and requirements and develops the optimum concept in cooperation with chemical suppliers concerning the number and length of the process steps.
The various immersion basins are usually arranged in rows or in a horseshoe-shape. The size of the immersion pretreatment depends both on the size of the workpieces and on the required treatment steps. An integrated conveyor system completes the automated process of the AFOTEK immersion pretreatment.
Compared to conventional spray pretreatment systems, immersion pretreatment is characterized by lower energy consumption as well as high-quality corrosion protection of steel and aluminum components.

Many plastics used today attract particles floating in the air due to electrostatic surface charges. These particles affect the painting quality, o.k. rate, rework rate and reject and should therefore be professionally removed before coating.
Since the removal of these particles can hardly be achieved with conventional methods, AFOTEK uses ionization devices for cleaning - if it is reasonable and necessary. The ionizing units neutralize the surface and thus improve the quality of the coated end product. In this process, the workpieces are usually wetted from above and/or from the side. 
AFOTEK has developed a circulating air process for the ionization zone that does not require expensive compressed air, so that enormous savings potentials can be achieved concerning process costs.




Here you will find our press releases, dates, technical articles, brochures and photos.
Find out more about new AFOTEK systems in the area of powder coating, wet painting and cathodic dip coating.
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